The Dancer

Irene Álvarez’s dance embraces tradition and innovation. From the knowledge and respect for this ever-evolving art form that is flamenco, Irene enjoys experimenting with connections and disparities in reference to other musical expressions, drawing on traditional cante, the most emblematic compositions of centuries past, and building bridges to all current artistic expression.

Born in Triana, Seville (1975) flamenco dancer Irene Álvarez began her training at the age of 9 under the direction of the famous Maestra Matilde Coral, as well as the Real Conservatorio de Danza de Sevilla. In addition to obtaining her diploma in Classical Spanish Dance and Flamenco, Irene has continued to complement and improve her training, studying and working with well-known maestros of flamenco such as; El Güito, Manolo Marin, Javier Latorre, José Galván, Pilar Ogalla, Angel Atienza, Manuel Betanzos and Isabel Bayón.

She acted as assistant to maestra Isabel Bayon in the Flamenco Festival Jerez in the years 2009, 2010, 2012, 2018 and currently combines her love to the stage with her job as guest teacher and choreographer for the flamenco department at Codarts, Rotterdam.

Having started from a traditional vision of flamenco, Irene’s years of work and study have now developed into a personal and unmistakable style, moving between an impulsive and sometimes modern expression whilst maintaining the feminine elegance defined in the Sevillian school.

    In 1992 she participated in the film ‘Sevillanas’ (Carlos Saura). From then onwards she continued to perform in tablaos and international theatres, working alongside guitar player Antonio Andrade and the singer José Parrondo, or her collaboration with guitar players Rafael Cortés and Mariano Martín. She founded with dancer Federico Ordoñez the group DOS, together with guitar players Alexander Gavilán and Ulrich Gottwald, and the singer Carmen Fernández. In 2010 she formed the group “Cuadro Flamenco Irene Álvarez” with guitarist Alexander Gavilán, singer Carmen Fernández and the percussionist Ruven Ruppik, acting as leading director and producer for the projects “De Alegrias y Soledad”, “ZarZamora”  and “Levante“.

She performs in several European flamenco festivals such as u.o. Guitar Festival Balatonfüred (Hungary) Festival “Sur les Routes des Musiques Tsiganes” (Caen, France), Berliner Philharmonie (Germany), Flamenco Festival Rotterdam, Gypsyfestival Tilburg (Holland), Gypsyfestival ROMA, Czech Republic. In addition, Irene also performs as guest soloist with the polish Ensemble “Los Payos” (Breslauer Philharmonie), “Sevilla Mia” (Gewandhaus Leipzig: José Ramirez, Cristina Hall), and more recently the jazz/flamenco ensemble “Tiempos Nuevos (Edsart Udo de Haes, María Marín) or the BVR Flamenco Big Band (Bernard Van Rossum). She performs for the Dutch Royal Family in the t.v. Gala Koningsdag Concert 2018.

She collaborates in several cross-over projects – such as “El Pelele- Noche de Canciones Españolas” with the soprano Bárbara Amador, the Indian-Andalusian “Kathak Flamenco” with the “Music Ensemble of Benares” and José Parrondo and the “Classic Club Nights” with the trombone players of the “Rotterdams Philharmonisch Orkest” in “De Doelen”. More recent is her participation with the Amsterdams Andalusisch Orkest under the direction of Jalal Chekara and “Antifona” of Alexander Gavilán, with singers Madhu Sing and María Marin and percussionist Ruven Ruppik.

2017/2019 Irene tours with the Opera “Carmen” (Bizet) in the renewed Tania Kross’ production, more than 70 concerts, under the musical direction and arrangements of Thijs Borsten and Arturo Ramón, with singers Tania Kross, Erminia Fernández Córdoba and Carles Denia u.o.

2017 she coproduces the play MUSA with classical guitar player and singer María Marín, (Festival Odegand, Ghent/ Festival Den Flamenka, Prague/ Brussels Flamenco Festival, Bozar, Brussels) still on tour on european theaters. His latest productions, “Dreaming Carmen” (Play in four acts about the myth of Carmen of Merimé with the dancer Virginia Delgado, 2019) and “Los misterios de Rosario” (about the life of Rosario La Mejorana, Pastora Imperio´s mother, 2021), reaffirm Irene as a consecrated artist internationally recognized.