Rastros • Irene Álvarez


Irene Álvarez

Dance & Choreography

Alexander Gavilán

Concept & guitar


María Marín - Vocal Pablo Rodríguez - Violin Robbe Kieckens - Percussion Arturo Ramón - Guitar & mixes Esteban Murillo - Vocals

Special collaborations

Gretel Selusi Vanderdoodt, Claire Nguyen, Angela Van De Wiel, Manou Selhorst, Anja Manthey, dance, and Liesbet Vermeiren bas. Thanks to De Centrale, La Barraca, Danshuis De Ingang, and the Flemish Community

Over dit project

The flamenco of the 19th century has left hardly any written testimony. Newspaper articles, paintings and a few scores by classical guitarists, that’s all. All other information is handed down from mouth to mouth, melodies and stories; traces that can give clues about what was and which have an echo in time.

In the atmospheric setting of the centuries-old walls of St Bavo’s Abbey, dancer Irene Álvarez and guitarist Alexander Gavilán, together with a number of (flamenco) artists from Ghent, will explore these traces and turn them into their own contemporary story.