flamenco esencial

baile: Irene Álvarez & Federico Ordoñez

cante: Carmen Fernández

guitarra: Alexander Gavilán 




Together with singer Carmen Fernandez and guitar player Alexander Gavilán, Irene Álvarez and Federico Ordoñez strive to convey the very essence of flamenco to the audience : living and experiencing the moment, the dialogue of song, dance and guitar.

Without resorting to a storyline or a well-rehearsed show, they draw from the very tradition of flamenco and their inspiration.

Sadness, joy and desire become music, are visible through dance and come together into a shared experience between the performers and the audience.

It’s the compelling voice of Carmen Fernandez, the virtuoso guitar play of Alexander Gavilán, Federico Ordoñez’s rousing zapateado and Irene Álvarez’s temperament and elegance that makes the sparks fly.












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